Buyer Rebates are a Modern Way to Buy a Home on the MLS.  


Our Mission is to redefine Real Estate in the consumer's favour by helping Buyers Profit More


1. This offer is for Buyer's who require Full or Partial Service purchasing a home on the MLS in the Okanagan area.


2. From 25-50% of the Buyer's Agent net commission rebated upon closing depending on the service provided.  


4. Join Hundred's of happy homeowners who used the Share Team to Profit more when Buying real estate in the Okanagan on the MLS .  


5. Buyer Rebate offers are not available to be used in conjunction with our unique Seller Offers (List Free, Flat Fees, Mere Listings).   


* The Buyer Rebate % is calculated on an Buyer's Agent industry average commission of 3% on the 1st $100,000 & 1.5% on the balance. Adjustments may be neccesary if the home is listed with a Discount Brokerage or a For Sale by Owner.

** To qualify - you must email us your contact details BEFORE we get started finding you a home!